Anaesthesia Machine

Asteros Lite

  • Unique and Alluring design
  • Anti-Hypoxia Guard
  • Rotameters / Flowmeters.
  • High / Low Pressure Alarm
  • Cylinder and Pipeline Connections
Asteros Lite Series

Asteros Lite Series

Medion Healthcare’s range of Anaesthesia Delivery Machines (Boyle’s Apparatus) with a unique and alluring design that is aesthetically pleasing and provides basic anaesthesia delivery capabilities at an affordable rate.

Makes for an Ideal Anaesthesia Delivery Solution across the spectrum

Caters to a wide range of applications

  • Rural Healthcare
  • Trauma, Day Care and One Day Surgery Centres
  • Primary and Secondary care Nursing Homes
  • Minor Operating Rooms

Optimum for a broad range of surgery procedures

  • Orthopaedic
  • Gynaecological
  • General Surgery
  • Opthalmic
  • Dental

Suitable for Adult and Paediatric applications

Tailor Made to suit Specific Requirements and Needs

Asteros Lite Series

Distinctive Features that make this machine Noteworthy and Unique

Multiple Gas based Anaesthesia Machine

Facility and Connections for 2 Gases: Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide.

Low Flow of Anaesthetic Gases

The machines have the facility for Low Flow Anaesthesia procedure with the placement of 4 Tube Rotameters / Flowmeters.

An Array of Safety Features

This machine comes loaded with a plethora of Safety Features:

  • Anti-Hypoxia Guard that ensures a minimum of 25% Oxygen supply
  • Nitours Oxide Cut Off System
  • OFWD alarm system in case of Oxygen Failure
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • High / Low Pressure Alarm

Selctatec Bracket Mount

Connection of a Selectatec Bracket back bar to mount Tec. Vaporisers

Cylinder and Pipeline Connections

Connection of Pin Index Cylinders and Pipeline Connections for supply of gases

Ergonomically Designed Pull Out Tray

A pull out tray is conveniently designed and placed that can be pushed back inside when not in use.


Facility to connect to several additional accessories such as:

  • Twin Jar Circle Absorber for a Closed Loop breathing system
  • External Anaesthetic Ventilator

A series of Remarkable Versatility

This series of Anaesthesia Delivery Systems come in 3 distinct variants, each suitable for a different purpose and requirement.

Asteros Lite 1100

Asteros Lite 5000

Asteros Lite Prima

Asteros Royale Vent X

   Material Used for Construction  Oxygen Cylinder Connection  Nitrous Cylinder Connection  Oxygen Pipeline Connection  Nitrous Pipeline Connection  2 Tube Rotameter  4 Tube Rotameter  Goldman Halothane Vaporiser  Selectatec Bracket 
Asteros Lite 1100  MS Metal  1 1 No  No  Yes  No  Yes  No 
Asteros Lite 5000  MS Metal  2 2 No  No  Yes  No  Yes  No 
Asteros Lite Prima  FRP Fibre + MS Metal  2 2 Yes  Yes  No  Yes  No  Yes